Thank you for wanting to make Hampshire greener. Your support for the campaign to build a wind farm at Bullington Cross is really important to us.

14-turbines-Beacons-FarmOur aim is simple – to build a network of local, community owned renewable energy projects across Hampshire. We’re also very keen to improve education and are currently working on a database for all things ‘renewable energy’.

Profits from all our campaigns and projects will be reinvested in other local renewable energy projects, like solar installations on school roofs, and also to fund projects to assist local people suffering from fuel poverty.


Our first project is to buy 10% of the Bullington Cross Wind farm, once agreed by the planners, under our community owned co-operative.

Ideally we’d like to see 100% ownership but we are realistic enough to know that we will have to work in partnership with the energy industry and with the financiers – for now!

That’s why we are securing a revenue share agreement with EDF Energy. This gives us a 10% community share of the proposed wind farm at Bullington.

The wind farm will have 14 turbines capable of powering around 15,000 homes which could offset the annual release of 26,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

The Bullington Cross Wind farm planning application was submitted last year and a decision is expected in June 2014. We’re aiming to get at least 2,000 letters of support for the planning application, and therefore your support is vitally important to us.

fensYour local council’s planning authority, its planning committee and officers will be making the decision as to whether the Bullington Cross Wind Farm will be built. But they will listen to what we want: a community stake in the proposed new wind farm, but only if enough of us voice our opinions.

We’ve tried to make things as easy as possible for you to support us, by creating a quick and easy form filling exercise which you’ll find below, and then we do all the work for you.

Here’s how it works:

Easy option 1. You fill in your details on the form below and press submit. 2. We then send an email to all three Planning Officers (one for each council responsible for making the planning decision). The email contains your name and full postal address along with these words:

“Re Planning Application 13/00753/FULLN / 13/00046/FUL / 13/00800/FUL. I fully support the wind farm at Bullington Cross. It should also be partially owned for the benefit of the local community.”

3. We’ll also send you a copy of the email
4. We’ll then keep you informed about our progress with the campaign and the planning application.
5. We will send a copy of your email to the three local Member’s of Parliament so they can see how important this scheme is.

Important notes
westmillWe will not share your details with anyone other than the three councils. We are regulated by the Data Protection Act.

If you’d like to add more comments, we’ve listed a few suggestions here 

Alternative not so easy option
1. You draft and send your own email/letter to all three council planning officers. Contact details for the three councils and guidance notes can be found here 
2. Subscribe on the right hand side box so that we can keep you up to date with the campaign and planning decisions.

Thank you again for your support. Together we can make Hampshire greener!


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Our readers said:

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  1. Mandy says:

    Why doesn’t the government force housebuilders to put in renewables ( solar) on new houses rather than forcing developers to build things like a swanky new bus station that Andover doesn’t need as there are hardly any buses, particularly from Thruxton on a saturday.

  2. Martin Heath says:

    Mandy. Fully agree with your first point. All new buildings in the UK (commercial and homes) should be built to the highest standards of sustainability. This means they use a lot less energy in the first place and then they could be used to generate heat and electricity for others to use. Whether developers pay for other things is a different point. But Councils should be insisting all homes are built to level 6 of the code for sustainable homes as a minimum. Thans for your comments. Much appreciated.

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